Our Films

A Place Called Shandro

  • An impressionistic documentary about the settlement of Alberta by Ukrainian immigrants and the slow disappearance of the rural communities they built. Winner of the Gold Remi at Houston WorldFest 2016.
  • 48 minutes


  • The story of Victoria Cross recipient Filip Konowal and the struggles he and other Veterans faced returning home from WWI. Received a Platinum Remi at Houston Worldfest 2017 and Silver at the North American Film Awards.
  • 46 minutes

Directions Home

  • After World War Two, this group of Canadian soldiers managed to save thousands of European refugees from Soviet repatriation and get them resettled in the West.
  • 48 minutes

Living in the Shadow

  • The story of a group of ordinary people who committed extraordinary acts of generosity in the aftermath of Chornobyl. With haunting original footage of the reactor taken by photographer Lu Taskey in 1992.
  • 48 minutes

Whose University Is It?

  • A look at the dark influence of corporate funding on university campuses, using the story of Trent university as an example.
  • 48 minutes

Life Under Mike

  • With Mike Harris' Ontario as the backdrop, this documentary challenges the idea that free trade, small government and big corporate profits benefit society. Received a prestigious Media Human Rights Award in 2001.
  • 47 minutes

Jajo's Secret

  • Filmmaker James Motluk discovers his grandfather was secretly interned by the Canadian government in 1915, along with thousands of other Ukrainians who had immigrated to the country.
  • 48 minutes

Nasty Burgers

  • A low budget 90s cult classic about three hapless brothers who manage to make bad service hip. Hailed by critics as the best Renegade Film of 1993.
  • 70 minutes

A Gathering in Denendeh

  • A powerful, poignant look at the Dene Nation as they prepare for an historic visit by Pope John Paul II in 1984.
  • 60 minutes
  • Available soon on VOD